Paint Power for Tiny House

Philosophy plays a strong part in the choice to build, buy or inhabit a tiny house so our paint choices need to be thoughtful too. Economic, environmental and lifestyle are always strongly considered in the tiny build. This instance of philosophy is demonstrated by the diminutive dwelling so make it pop! Translating your ideas into a home is exciting and the feel of the place will help you realize your vision. Finally, the utility of painted surfaces is often increased by protecting and providing ease of maintenance.

Pragmatism isn’t a dirty word with the tiny house paint job. Painted surfaces are often easier to clean than natural wood surfaces; we can wipe then instead of re-sanding. If there are patches that have been needed the paint can help mask or blend these into the final finish making them disappear. Modern paints are often mildew resistant and combat a great enemy of the tiny home, moisture. Since paint stays around for a long time the best application of this pragmatism is to ensure that it makes you feel great.

The paint should put the final touches on your vision. In a friend’s art studio, we needed the paint to backdrop his displays, so cool greys were needed. Neutrals can too often be bland; think of those off white walls that just look a bit dirty. The intensity and temperature of a colour are key to having amazing finishes. It’s a cloudy day in Nanaimo while I write this and the last thing I want to see in my home is a cloud coloured wall.

Using paint to make the tiny house big is a task but one that great design relishes. The perspective, drawing the eye beyond the walls, to open up the tiny house can be done with properly selected contrasting colours. Small design leaves room for big drama and a splash of paint can accentuate features or carry the eye away from less desirable features. Colour will make the mood in the room so let the paint do its work and pick one that tells your colour story.

The little footprint of a tiny house reflects a big heart. The use of zero VOC paints to protect the finishes on a tiny house increases the lifespan of those finishes. The colours will convey emotional content and the eyes wide open home owner pairs the feel of the colour with the home and surroundings. Tiny homes are a big statement so a pop of colour can really anchor the mood and speak to the purpose of the place. These thoughtful domiciles reward the work of the painter well beyond their size

Andy Capadouca, Nanaimo Pro Works Painting