Exterior Painting

a structure needs exterior paint to protect it from the elements



First and foremost, a structure needs exterior paint to protect it from the elements. Wind, rain, snow, sunlight and temperature fluctuations can damage a structure beyond repair faster than you might think.

So, paint your home, warehouse, school, baseball stadium, ski lift stations and other exterior structures regularly to preserve their structural integrity and extend their lifespan!

But people paint their structures to look great, too!


We Paint It All!

Homes, apartments, condos, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, industrial spaces


apply paint by brush & roll, spray or sponge


Freshen A Space

through a repaint or paint from scratch following construction or renovations


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Pro Works Painting has painted thousands of different structures so they look beautiful including multi-million dollar houses, modest bungalows, lane homes, low-rise apartment buildings, large & small strata complexes, duplexes, warehouses, schools, sailing clubs, hostels.


Whether new construction, renovations or a repaint, Pro Works always delivers a high quality job at competitive pricing. Conscientious, considerate, presentable and professional, the Pro Works team makes your building look great while looking good doing it.

apply high quality coatings

stain and latex, acrylic and elastomeric paints, by brush & roll and/or spraying to stucco, wood, concrete and metals

proficient at painting all exterior structures

 siding, windows, doors, trim, soffits, fascia boards, fences, decks, poles and stairs

Surface Preparation

provide pressure washing services and are able to pressure wash any structure, before we paint

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