Why paint?

Island life brings us an envious lifestyle in a stunning environment, but our buildings take a battering; wind, salt, rain, snow, sunlight and temperature fluctuations will damage your most valuable asset faster than you might think. Paint is your first line of defense. Well-maintained and properly applied, paint can save tens of thousands in structural damage!

First impressions. From the serenity of yoga studios, to fast-paced office environments, corporate boardrooms to luxurious accommodations, paint choices and quality of application speak volumes to your new and existing clientele, staff, professional colleagues and guests about how you value yourself, your services and most importantly them!

Going to market? Did you know that fresh paint is the quickest and most cost-effective way to increase your property’s value? Paint can accentuate features and disguise flaws, modernize dated works and significantly increase buyer appeal. Before going to market, you should assess and seriously consider the benefits and potential dividends of paint.

Investment return. Many Islanders own and generate income via investment properties. Often, at the end of a lease term, despite the efforts of hard-working property managers, it is apparent that the investment has been compromised. In an increasingly selective market, fresh paint will assist you in quickly securing new, quality tenants and achieving maximum return from your investment!

Why ProWorks? Providing a full scope of interior and exterior painting services for commercial and retail buildings, new builds, heritage buildings, family homes, apartment and townhouse complexes, strata complexes and even cottages and cabins, we’ve got you covered!

We bring professional, accurate, prompt and time-efficient services to private and commercial clients. We understand that your time is precious and that disruption can cost you money and trading hours, as well as stress. Be assured our quality teams will carry out your specified assignments with the least amount of disruption. We’ll work around you to meet your needs, even if it means working through the night! We’re a price-competitive Nanaimo based company with a three-year application guarantee, and that separates ProWorks from our competitors. Using only quality paints and stains, we take great pride in your project and our work!

We make your job easier by doing our job well, and we’d love to do business with you!

To find out more about how we can help you with your renovation and maintenance requirements, or to book a free estimate, contact Andy 250 716 6857 Brad 250 488 9487 email us at andy@proworkspainting.com