Interior Painting

It is imperative that the wall colour tone matches our desire and intent for the space



The walls that surround us in our homes, workplaces and other places we frequent set the tone for our moods, creativity, comfort and energy level.

As such, it is imperative that the tone they set matches our desire and intent for the space.

Pro Works Painting has brightened thousands of spaces for clients to match the atmosphere they seek


We Paint It All!

Homes, apartments, condos, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, industrial spaces


apply paint by brush & roll, spray or sponge

apply paint by brush & roll, spray or sponge


Freshen A Space

through a repaint or paint from scratch following construction or renovations


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Pro Works is proficient at painting all the nooks and crannies inside offices, homes and other buildings – ceilings, bathrooms, stairwells, banisters, railings, windows, trim, doors, kitchens, floors, crown moldings, wainscoting, baseboards.


Whether our clients need to freshen a space through a repaint or paint one from scratch following construction or renovations, Pro Works executes each project with enthusiasm, attention to detail and care.

Constrained Schedule

For those looking to paint offices, medical, dental clinics or other schedule constrained locations, we are able to schedule weekend, evening and holiday work, as required.

Colour Selection

We can provide colour consultations as well as introduce you to any of our trusted renovations partners, interior designers and wallpaper hangers.

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